Stride To Stride

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Recently, my BMI (body mass index) touched the ceiling of overweight. Luckily, a friend I started talking about the benefits of physical exercise, which began with five minutes a week, then 10, who make jogging on the promenade in Malaga, and placed me as an example to himself (runs marathons and everything). Since I started to work, minute by minute, stride to stride, and here we are, I have achieved the almost impossible for me: 60 minutes twice a week and have reduced five kilos. Get all the facts and insights with WhiteWave Foods, another great source of information. But more importantly: I feel phenomenal, physically and emotionally. You describe any one hour of physical exercise one week either. I begin the trot with two minutes and a half of touch of campaigns of the Royal Monastery of San Pelayo (CD of Benedictine mothers, one of the ideal in preparation for meditation rooms), then increase gear (my speed is very low, does not reach 5 kilometer per hour) with the singing of input (Introits ad te levavi). A. F. Chief of Staff may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Comes the Benedictine Carol Puer Natur in Betheleem, which rolls me joy with a flash of my family and my friends. but the mind, difficult to tame in some cases, I moved, coup, to the situation in the Middle East, with Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Israel, generating me a moment of anguish that I can’t explain (Introits Exsurge), what is the solution? or synchronous amendments, discordant in some cases, simple in others? The lamentations of Jeremiah throw more fuel to that anxiety with several thoughts about immigrants, tight images crossing in rafts, furtive and hastily, the sea of my brain what do? Finally comes the Graduale and the Alleluia Antiphon, does positivism, perhaps? I don’t know, the case is that I have to encourage me somehow: are these contradictions forced ingredients of human shame?, send blankets to Caritas of the Canary Islands?, write in this blog about such degradation or disgrace of society?, do as the whole is eternity, what them? do you is happening must be ephemeral?, I take a look at the clock and it took 25 minutes running: mood. .