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8-9 Communication is the exchange of information, facts, ideas and meanings. It enters the components of a communication they are to the message, the communicator, the receiver, and the way. In the codification processes, decoding and feed-back are felt the influences of its components as: the urgency of the message, the experience and the ability of the sender, and the image that this has of the receiver. But, the biggest interference in the communication occurs on account of the noises of interpretation, capable to distort the message during the communicative process. (15) The types of communication more known and studied are the verbal communication and the not-verbal communication. However, another form of communication appears and dominates each time more the work environment: the virtual communication. The process of communication of the information, organized in informatizados systems and with diverse functions, guarantees that the people receive information with easinesses for send who them, since the used principle is of the inclusion of names in lists. These inclusions transform the lists into true social nets of information.

In this situation, the systems of information potencializam thinking, facilitate making and motivate communicating itself in the Nursing. The information systems can facilitate the exchange of information between the different organizacionais levels, also placing them in direct contact with the necessities of the clientele of Nursing. In the management, the comunicacional ability is essential, ' ' since to organize it is indispensable to communicate itself, in order to establish goals, to canalize energies and to identify and to solve problems; to learn to communicate itself with effectiveness is crucial to develop the efficiency of each unit of work and the organization as one todo' '. (15) The nurse has been responsible for the organization and the coordination of the assistenciais activities in the hospitals and for the viabilizao so that excessively professional of the team of nursing and others of the health team they act, as much in the hospital environment how much in the public health.