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One of the greatest challenges for society and the economy of this new century will be, without a doubt, foster the growth and development of the social and economic structures of local scope, address the increasingly more chaotic globalized system that strives to be consolidated. Globalization is an essentially economic process which consists in the increasing integration of the different national economies in a single global capitalist market. The modes of production and capital movements are configured globally, while Governments and social movements are losing powers and capabilities. This process, as you can see at present, generates damages and inequalities to the society as a whole because this new model, we might call real capitalism globalized, is opposed to the classical abstraction of the capitalist model that the free market would prevail, and perfect competition would impose order, would prevent abuses and ensure efficiency in the allocation of resources. Markets are abducted by the monopolies, by small and medium-sized companies, traditionally generating quality jobs to use greater investment in labor than in capital as multinationals, are forced to abandon this distorted market. Therefore, the institutional political, social or economic premises have less weight real in the decisions of its members, why by can not articulate defense mechanisms that protect them.

Other effects that we already started to notice these global capitalitas markets are migratory movements to which poverty and wars drive to leave their home areas to survive, with the constant claim of fierce consumerism announced by global media every time. Standards of living in many countries of the world are too low to meet the basic needs of a dignified life, to which all human beings (we are told constantly) have right. There is no doubt that the construction of global markets corresponds to the interests of the global companies that are undermining the sovereignty of the countries in concerning economic, social, and political decisions but what can you do? Firstly, the society as a whole should articular control mechanisms which do not allow the mass destruction of working capital, from planetary raw materials, or the influence of multinationals within the world social and political order and the primacy of private property rights and freedoms of the world’s population.