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Assembling Furniture

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Now with the increasing demand for furniture, there are growing demands on it, hence the methods of connection details, lest they be seen on the surface. The most common ways to build furniture are: confirmats, eccentric screed, dowels, furniture and bath on these elements in detail. Furniture assembly eccentricity coupler. Eccentric coupling is today the most common way on how to mount not visible on the outside surface and this makes the furniture more elegant. However, the cost of assembly of eccentric screed on much more expensive than the assembly on confirmats and more complex, as in a set is usually from 3 to 5 items but at the same time, reliable way. Assembling furniture confirmats. Confirmats or wood screw, which is worth from 50 cents per 1 pc. Collecting on confirmats, it is possible to save on costs, because in order to build a simple box design furniture confirmats need 8 pieces.

But hats evrovintov will be visible on the outer surface, although there are special screws, furniture design does not look as aesthetically pleasing as when assembling furniture eccentric screed. Assembling furniture corner. Now obsolete connection details in the furniture area, yet it is used as the simplest. After all, to connect the parts you need to have a few screws and a drill with a Phillips-head nozzle. Wood dowel. Wood dowel is an ancient way to build furniture, but it still applies.

To assemble the furniture in the dowel to put it on the glue, after it already could not tell, and you may have difficulty in moving or transporting. Choose way to build furniture for you. Choosing one or the other way, must be confident that the furniture will last a long time, looks dignified and elegant. Quality furniture in the first place is a company, do not forget about it.


Choosing Soft Furniture

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Upholstered furniture – a special category, it performs several functions in our interior. It you and a pleasant stay, and reception, she also decorates, and forms a space, and has practical application. In general, soft furniture and irreplaceable importance. So what should you choose it is not spontaneous, but carefully. At some moments I look for? Style Here the main criteria of choice – your choice and compatibility with the overall style of the room.

Upholstered furniture classic form suitable for conservative personalities, and it always will be relevant. The modern style is changeable and offers a wider choice. If the taste asymmetry, a combination of wood and metal interior is juicy – you follower of Art Nouveau. Style "high-tech" demonstrates the functionality, using the most modern materials. Eclecticism – a "cocktail" of different styles. Those color or other colors can give the feel or comfort discomfort, and their impact on our health is proven. When choosing colors for items of upholstered furniture (whether sofas, chairs or anything else) certainly guided by personal feelings and do not forget about the fact that: Brown gamma, Ochre creates comfort and gives peace.

Shades of blue and blue to help focus. Red and all its tones and semitones symbolize active and dynamic. All shades of green to help relax. The black color and serious business, but its dominance in the interior creates an atmosphere of mourning. White lightness and freshness, but it is also necessary to avoid excess, at least for reasons of "practicality." Upholstery Upholstery vary enormously. It is necessary to give priority to the quality (strength, durability, practicality). The naturalness of the material – not always a sign of long life. Modern synthetics it is more practical, but also, and beautiful. For example, the Jacquard – bright and durable material with a pattern, a low price. Or flock – a dense fabric that is easy to clean, almost immune to wear and which does not stick dust (an ottoman upholstered in flock, very practical). Also popular velvet and Chenille. Filling the "filling" of upholstered furniture – a very important indicator of quality, and also one of the prime factors of comfort. The most common foam and padding polyester. However, better quality can truly be considered natural feathers, feather, batting and felt. The mechanism is no less important component of quality for certain types of upholstered furniture (sofas, chairs, beds) – it mechanism of transformation. At first, decide – what will be the main purpose for this furniture, and how often you use it to sleep. Then, choosing one or another model, note how easy sofa disassembled Do not jammed mechanism. You can sit on it – you should be comfortable and convenient for him. In general, the basic mechanisms of transformation of 4 – this book, evroknizhka, roll-out and exit mechanisms. Suppose that you choose upholstered furniture complement your interior will be high quality and beautiful!