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Both tests were conducted after heating with a brand biciergometro Suntruck 120 Magnetic with control voltage level 45 for 5 minutes followed by heating of the ankle joint executor circumduction done ten in both directions with toes touching the ground and ten circumduction without support, and subsequent stretching of the anterior leg passively standing against the wall and passive stretch on the back of the leg providing resistance with your hands against the wall. The experimental test protocol was as follows: Presentation of Research of the Chamber and the isokinetic dynamometer. Signature of the document certifying the test study and research. Taking specific measures to sports equipment (Medilast Sport). Measurement of the subject: room size and weight attached. Presentation of the protocol of action for heating. Performing the test on the isokinetic dynamometer. Obtaining and Data printing.

The isokinetic testing protocol was as follows: Calibration of the dynamometer. Open personal record of each subject. Correctly positioning the subject in the chair of the dynamometer according to criteria of Biodex System 3 Pro manual alignment of the ankle joint axis by palpation of the lateral aspect of lateral malleolus and accommodation of the rest of the leg and thigh by the lever arms presenting the tools of the dynamometer. Stabilization strapped own dynamometer at the pectoral, pelvic and distal third of the opposite thigh to the leg that is evaluated and placing the resistance in the foot by holding the heel platform and the dorsal aspect of foot with webbing fitted pillow.