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Short Vacation On The Sunny Side Of The Alps

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Palm trees grow here, like cypress and wine. Were it not for vas-a’-vis the three thousand meter, so one might think to be in Tuscany. A short break in Merano beckons with its Mediterranean climate. The already enjoyed Empress Sisi, who enjoyed staying in the spa oasis on the sunny side of the Alps. Your home has a magnificent castle Trautmannsdorf park that is open to visitors. Recently, Merano is a new attraction-in to the star architect Matteo Thun built spa with its 13 pools and a spa area. In a short vacation here you can relax wonderfully.

Helicopter tours over magical world of glaciers, picnics in the mountains or shopping trips to Milan. All you can do in a short vacation. In the fall of course this is consistent with the tasting on the program. Eye-catcher at the Passer Promenade: Established in 1874, built Spa is an architectural jewel in the South Tyrolean Alps to peer. is the wonderful National Museum Tirol above Merano. Nestled in hills vines and fruit gardens in the heart of South Tyrol add the towns of Tirol and gently with the spa town of Merano to holiday paradise. Proud of the stunning mountains of the Park Texel group surprised the sunny location with stunning contrasts between the visitors and the southern alpine scenery. In a short holiday you can experience Meran, Tirol and at its best. Great days out to do from here, on the famous lake with stay in Riva and Garda, a trip to Venice with a boat trip to Piazza San Marco. Venice is built on 118 small islands and is crossed by 150 canals, the center of town is the Piazza San Marco