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Services of the statutory health insurance statutory health insurance benefits are regulated 20 SGB V. The benefits of the statutory health insurance lays flat rate for all insured persons. Individual agreements are not possible. However, the legally insured has the ability to hedge in addition certain risks with a supplementary health insurance. Many statutory health insurance companies here work together with partners from the private health insurance and offer this supplementary insurance to its members. Of course additional costs the public member. Health insurance exchange in the statutory health insurance who is not satisfied with its statutory health insurance, has the possibility to change the health insurance fund. The prerequisite for this is that at least an 18-month membership in the existing health insurance.

Here, the notice period is two months. If you want to join a new health insurance company for the 1, the termination as of 30 Sept. with the previous health insurance must be. The notice must be received to the previous checkout to 31.07. The statutory health insurance, which should make a so-called supplementary contribution, there is however a Special right of termination. The 18-month membership is no longer necessary.

The private Krankenversicherung (PKV) all workers whose earning last year has exceeded the year work remuneration (49.950 in 2010) and is expected to again exceed this in 2011 (49.500), have the possibility of a private health insurance to join. Still, self-employed and freelance can choose whether they are private or statutory sick would insure. Cost of the car the individual contributions to the car are contrary to the statutory health insurance income. The individual contribution is here depends on several factors. This includes: age sex occupation health elected tariff (E.g. with 1 bed room, chief physician treatment, etc.) The contributions to the car are thus dependent on the personal conditions and the desired services. Since here but significant differences between the private health insurance, always a more extensive is advisable Comparison of the provider.



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The people who have bad credit score can thus improve look and appearance by applying bad credit cosmetic plastic surgery. Plays very important role in the modern world, looks and appearance. Impressive looks enhances your status in the society as well as increase your confidence level. Now, not only women but men have so become beauty conscious. Everyone wants attractive appearance at any cost. It has become possible with new technologies and inventions of science. The Council of cosmetic surgery have been increased. To make the surgery in reach of everyone, cosmetic surgery loans are made available in the market.

Due to high interest Council, bad creditors like CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults, late loan payers etc. are facing problem in availing the loans to enhance their looks. To overcome this situation, many offline and online lenders are coming ahead to finance bad credit holders. If you have planned to undergo cosmetic surgery and suffering from bad credit situation then bad credit plastic surgery is the best option. This loan is designed keeping in mind the bad credit history of the people. Secured loans is the best option for higher expenses the cost of plastic surgery is very expensive and you can’t afford such huge expenses. But now the people with bad credit ways namely unsecured and secured score can thus avail loan amount for surgery with two loan. If the borrowers interested to borrow loan by secured bad credit cosmetic surgery then they have to pledge some valued property as asset against the loan amount.

Lenders rate of interest on secured loans carry low. Borrowers can acquire loan amount ranging from 5000 – 75 000 and lenders offer flexible time for repayments that varies from 5 25 years. Secured loans are the best alternate for the higher expenses. For smaller expenses on the other hand, unsecured bad credit cosmetic surgery loans are the good choice for the short term and small needs. In this case, there is no need top pledge collateral. Under this category, the borrowers can acquire loan amount from 1000 – 25000 for short ranging period to say repayment from 6-10 years. The unsecured loans are collateral free, so the lenders offer higher rate of interest. Used for various purposes borrowers can use money received for various purposes such as liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, collagen or fat therapy, nose surgery, body tucks, ear surgeries, facial implants and laser treatments. Online fashion for plastic surgery loans bad credit, borrowers can apply online. To get the best loan, borrowers have to search on internet. A number of calendar are available online that are ready to offer loan at nominal amount Council. Simuels Jack is advisor of cosmetic surgery loans.