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Say, this does not happen? More as it happens! According to Alex himself, if a person knows his purpose in life, he will achieve great results. – I feel like a happy person and happy with everything that happens in my life, – says Alexei. – I have a favorite work, which brings satisfaction, there are relatives and friends of people who have friends. But in life so much more to do to feel absolutely happy about basketball did it all start? Since childhood. I grew up in athletic family: her parents and sister were engaged in professional volleyball, and I always enjoy stayed with them. It is the family influenced my choice. I think that family can be proud that influenced what I professional sports. Why basketball? I'm in class was the highest.

And when the school came to the coach, then, of course, invited me to join the basketball section. And I'm 11 years old started training in Krasnodar sports school. I liked the workout, he learned a good move on the court, seriously interested in basketball, and absolutely no regrets about this: I have many plans, and progress does not stop going. I just do not see myself without sports, and can not imagine what would others could do in this life. The success of professional sports should carry with it the moral satisfaction, and financial. I believe that doing favorite thing. But the path to sporting success lies first and foremost through the daily work, serious physical exertion, is not excluded, and trauma.