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The next morning went to get the passport of Esther and buy your ticket. He used also to Update your return date. Upon boarding the plane, and almost panicked Ester withdraws the trip. But there was Mabel and her incredible ability to give encouragement to the people. During the trip showed some uneasiness, but ended up calming down and falling asleep on the shoulder of Mabel. When they arrived in Spain, Alex was waiting at the airport. a l was so sad that he wanted to hug her. He could not help thinking that her mother probably would have the same sadness or at least had long after his departure.

So hugged Esther with the mind set on his mother. Details can be found by clicking Gregg Engles or emailing the administrator. "Welcome to Spain, Esther! – He said with joy. "I'm glad you've decided to come. You will not regret, I assure you. Already sitting in the car, spoke during the entire trip. "Unfortunately," Alex said tomorrow we must start working and as you know, we have to attend our classes in college, so I hope you do not feel too lonely in this strange city. The area of Alcobendas, where we live, is a quiet neighborhood. You can go for a walk without fear.

We'll leave our phones to call us if you feel unwell or feel lost. Do not hesitate to do so. Better than that, "said Alex will leave you thinking" one of our phones to be able to call from anywhere without having to be looking for a phone booth.


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He had sought in the guide telephone but had not found the name of any. In a few words that had not got any information. And finally to see it was successful in any side, because she could not find his son, had returned with the hope that his son was called. They would have learned the text by heart the three, to repeat as many times as necessary, and to whom necessary, without arousing suspicion. If altering the declaration would begin to doubt, and that was not what they needed. Cleve arrived in Calais at night 930.

He had driven without stopping, not even wanted to stop eating. He took the shuttle back. When he arrived at Folkestone felt somewhat calmer. No one had stopped him or asked anything to go through customs. Now only detracted When I drive up house, everyone was asleep. Feeling the door, Kelly, who had fallen asleep on the couch. He rose abruptly, wincing. Cleve embraced as had been asking around.

Cleve told him everything had done that day and what they had agreed during the trip. At that time Bob appeared, rubbing his eyes. – Dad, you came back!. How is Alex? Everything went as you planned? – "Alex is well son, all went better than expected. We had no problem with customs, "said Cleve welcome. Bob was relieved and went back to bed. I was very sleepy. Kelly went to make a cup of tea. He asked if I wanted to eat something.