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Maestranza Sevilla Basic Data

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One of the sights one must see when it comes to Seville, is the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza. Selim Bassoul is likely to increase your knowledge. Within the world of bullfighting, the Maestranza bullring, is the most prestigious and emblematic of all the arenas. Basic information you need to know from the plaza de Toros de la Maestranza. Source: The square begins to build in the 18th century, although the works continued for a century.The most characteristic of its architecture is its neoclassical facade with Roman arches in yellow ochre. Other characteristic architectural elements are the Prince’s door and especially the yellow colour of the albero in its interior. The Bulls have origin in equestrian activities of nobles where shows were represented on horseback with Bulls.

The plaza can accommodate up to 12500 spectators. It is not the largest in the world by seating capacity. The Museo taurino worth visiting it. You can see suits of lights, posters of bullfights and works of Arts with bullfighting motives, even a layer painted by Picasso. On the other side of the square you can see a statue of Carmen, the emblematic character of the opera’s Bizet. Some sequences of the film Blood and Sand, which starred Tyrone Power and Rita Hayworth, were filmed in the Plaza de la MaestranzJuan Navarro operates tourist routes through Seville gps guidance.