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Fuel Pump Stands

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Business – it is a business game. It is like losing and winning. Currently, many enterprises tend to be the first. Particularly brutal fight in this particular industry. There is no loser way forward.

They remain at the bottom. In the competitive business trying to use all the methods: both legal and illegal. It is important to make the first move and make the right decision. The determining factors in the competitive control are: Quality products Demand for it Promoting products in the market replacement of legacy systems to modern automation, the use of hardware and software solutions developed by leading manufacturers equipment, contributes to significant cost savings, spending more competent material as quickly as possible and respond flexibly to any market trends. In today's world of electronics with the error measurement of weight, speed, angle ranges from 0.5% to 1%. Developers want to reduce this figure. The more accurate the instrument measures a given material, the smaller the resources expended in production, so there is chance to increase sales.

The purpose of this article – to tell about a product Tahoschetchik IMA-03M, which is designed to measure digitally the speed, the number of revolutions (cycles) and the angles of the start of fuel injection. He also provides the necessary control signals for the stands. The firm "Prom" for more than 10 years of experience in the automation industry. Many design firms have been successfully tested and installed at the factory and the Republic of Tatarstan Russia. On account of the company a lot of original designs for industrial automation equipment. One of the novelties is the electronic Tahoschetchik IMA-03M. Tahoschetchik runs on diesel fuel injection equipment stands (Fuel pump). At the moment specialists developed two versions tahoschetchika: IMA 03M.1 (single output control) and IMA 03M.2 (two output signals, control). These devices vary in functionality, as well as operating characteristics and are designed for different types of stands. The set includes a device, sensor and remote control pulses on the front panel are two indicator boards "/ min", "Cycles / ANGLES." Indicator panel "/ min" always shows the current value of the output shaft rotational speed of the stand. The indicator "CYCLES / ANGLES" reflects the number of cycles or the angle (depending on mode selected). The rear panel connectors are three tahoschetchika 'POWER', 'Sensors', 'CONSOLE'. In addition, there is set the fuse to protect the device against overload and short circuit. Tahoschetchik firm "Prom" has a number of advantages. First, install the device on the equipment simple. Second, the device is convenient to connect to any outfit. Third, during the operation Tahoschetchik not require special maintenance. It has a compact dimensions.