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Imagine that you now have a virtual worker whom you entrusted with the following tasks: all Mondays will inform me about sales consultants have not registered a plan of visits for the week. Will the same day inform me of advisors who are not doing a total coverage to its customers based in last 6 weeks of visits. Daily first thing in the morning will send a report that has the budget vs analyzed sales by geography, business structure, product structure and analysis period (accumulated year, month to month and comparative with periods of previous years) at the end of the day will inform you about sales consultants that have not reported the execution of day visits these are the first tasks which you entrusted, but you then think that this virtual worker can also send information to each of the commercial advisers for their daily work of working.Here you are you applying to send them: list of clients with nonperforming loans and the details of the outstanding bills of payment information from customers with orders retained by portfolio list of clients which was reduced by 10% or more the average purchase of the last year report budget execution and its projection for the end of month. At this moment you decide the weekly meetings, can make them bi-weekly and then just once a month. I think that even here, I have already illustrated the capabilities of this virtual worker and think that reading this, start to you, to occur many more tasks could be entrusted to him. We now explain what is this virtual worker.It is a tool of software that you install on a server, with which you can monitor information contained in their databases and on which you can set alarms or events on a periodic basis or when a data condition is generated.This virtual worker is called KnowledgeSync and is a very useful tool as a complement to their databases. Its benefits include automation of execution and sending reports automatically, as well as the sending of e-mails, fax or web portals on information publications critical and time-sensitive.

Information that knowing in a timely manner, will allow you make decisions about your business critical events in time. For more information on this product please visit this hypothetical example allowed me to illustrate the benefits of the use of technology to monitor your organization’s sensitive information. This can lead to other areas of the company, and will depend on their needs and priorities, but this is a tool which, by its nature, will you allow to have a return fast your investment and will be able to win much in the use of current data from their systems.