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It has well-designed processes that allow you to respond immediately to the highly competitive environment. 3. It makes radical innovation of the strategic processes of the organization. 4. Search for high impact results.

5. Design new processes and changes runs it in their complex technological, human and organizational dimensions. It provides business management revolution, since managers have considered it as a viable alternative to cause major changes in organizations, which contribute to grow and give immediate response to sudden changes in environment, to be competitive and at the forefront; always satisfying the needs and expectations of customers. Do now, how all this favours quality and productivity? In this regard, indicates Ruiz in his analysis, whereas the before exposed, reengineering considerably supports the quality management and productivity since according to the Enterprise Gateway (1992 and 1994), the implementation of reengineering in organizations serves to achieve strategic, as well as being competitive goals, increase profitability and the participation in the market. Reengineering favors to the management of quality and productivity, since it directly affects on the complete redesign and innovation of new processes, for this is supported in redesign and automation with technology innovation that allows you to improve efficiency to generate products and services at a lower cost, saving all the resources inherent in the process, to reduce amount of wastegenerating products of good quality to the client and at the same time we are significantly improving productivity. Similarly if we manage to be productive with quality, we are improving our profitability as an organization; This last, is necessary to determining the generation of performance indicators that allow to measure our efforts, know how has been our evolution, compare ourselves and at the same time establish corporate goals. Not the slightest doubt, that reengineering guarantees great benefits to the company, especially the optimization of results giving way to get products profitable, satisfactory, besides that they are guaranteed for quality and benefits in the management of their costs in its applicability. * Aulavirtual Faces.