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Feel and see with great concern, as business schools of national universities have not been seriously concerned about what should be the profile of the graduate in the country demand management to ensure proactive participation, beneficial towards the business sector deteriorated. Remain the same programs, not adapted to the needs of current demand scenarios to ensure that companies, organizations, one that will encourage competitive participation in support of its mission, vision. Maintain a curriculum anchored in time, not to own modifications, changes to the national stage, for example, the Venezuelan has generated, the product of a new government that has led to decisive changes in the political culture of the Venezuelan people, influencing course economically in the business sector, especially in private, never was used to take place within a socialist ideology.

The actions of the new Socialist government in the definition as to usher in what has been called revolution Bolivarian generated actions which significantly affect the organizational behavior of companies, their culture, mission, structures, leading to the universities, especially those in business schools, diagnose, evaluate, what should be the administrator for this profile reality and take the feedback necessary actions to give way to new chairs, knowledge, promoting the development, participation of enterprises, organizations within the new model, in addition to the requirements of globalization, opening show of the old programs continue with subjects not accord with reality, with teachers not identified with these new changes, besides the lack of progress in tools, managerial expertise that have emerged, can not guarantee the formation of qualified professionals to face this reality, seriously damaging productive development of the business sector, which goes through bad times, because no prevention of events currently manifest..