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* Homemade mask for skin skin stains stains tend to be one of the most annoying things, since they are unsightly and your face looks unpleasantly. For this reason, recourse to natural supports is not a bad idea. Here you have a mask with three easy-to-get ingredients recipe: cucumber, for humidification, carrot, to give natural pigmentation, and parsley, for bleaching the stains themselves. Ingredients: Carrot a half a cucumber a sprig of parsley preparation: cut the carrots into pieces, do the same with the cucumber and sprig of parsley. Place them in a the bowl of the food processor and grind to a paste. While the humidity of the cucumber can be sufficient, you may add some drops of olive oil so that all emulsifies well.

When the mask is homogeneous, remove and reserve. At the time of its application, you must simply place it on your face (or stained areas) for 15 minutes. You remove with warm water and use the mask over three times a week. Secretary of Agriculture is likely to agree. * One of the excellent natural remedies against skin stains are the watercress. You can make a lotion with them, simply blending them.

Takes a good portion of watercress (100 grams, approximately) and blend, adding a little water or if necessary, to make a better consistency. Then you apply the mixture directly onto the stained skin, leaving to act by the lapse of 15 to 20 minutos.*El parsley can be used as another one of the good home remedies for skin blemishes. Just as with the watercress, you can proceed to liquify it or crush it with a little water or olive oil, and then apply it on the skin manchada.*tambien lemon juice is great for combating stains. So simple is the recipe such as squeezing a lemon juice and spread it across stains. The properties that this fruit has will be suitable for your skin.