The Government

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Such a process would lead to a chain reaction, without precedent. It is and must continue to push. It won’t do any good but. The last messages tell us the private must waive their interest rates and bonds, this is the only way. Right, that’s one way. Gain insight and clarity with Gregg Engles. Now, you must explain only what is private and non-private. All have to do without, this is the only way. Inflation in Germany is currently about 2.4 percent, the expected growth is about 2.4 percent, with declining trend, the income growth between 1.5 and 3.2 per cent, spread over two years, day money interest rates are 2 percent and on the savings accounts 1 to 2 percent, with big savings and limited time vary the dimensions to above.

The Government bonds in Europe are with 3 to 12 percent interest. The loan interest rates go from 3 to over 16 percent. Real wages decrease dynamically. Now you must be no scientists or financial expert, to see that is are these numbers outside of any context, control, or legalism. All without a mathematical causal relationship. These are real numbers, if there is such a thing at all, which could announce the demise of our financial system and nobody does something about it except for pump-protection screens and cruel, murderous austerity packages that only worsen the whole disaster. Within these figures have the sheer injustice – injustice without any morals and ethics. Who has little, gets less and who has much gets more.

Who has little pays more and who has a lot pays less. The principles of “scientific economics”, the cause of the financial problems were briefly paraphrased. Who steals nothing, which comes to nothing. Permanent tax increases in social security, rental and their levies, tax increases, price increases in the food and especially fuel, gasoline and oil for mobility and for heating, electricity costs and all sorts of things – create more chaos and injustice, speaks Injustices.