Virtual Assistant

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Anyone working autonomously, either an entrepreneur or a self-employed, do so at a basic choice: devote himself to what he likes or is their specialization. This does not involve having to answer the phone, answer dozens of emails, deal with the general organization of your Office, take your agenda, organize your meetings or travel, do searches on the Internet. Time is very valuable, since we can not retrieve it, is inexorably going and will be part of our past. That is why it is crucial that we learn to take full advantage of the time we have available, and considering that we tend dedicate most of our time in our professional activity, it is essential that we learn to maximize our well more valuable. You wonder: how?Very simple: delegating! Some people tend to think that their professional or personal value is measured with the amount of things that can be done, but forget that we can do everything, you have to prioritize and begin to basically engage in tasks that belong to three areas: the things that we like to do things for which we are specialized things that bring us benefits (economic, personal, psycho-physical well-being, etc.) Whatever your activity or business, delegating to a virtual Assistant you can optimize your time and take care of those three areas that are only yours. Maybe you think that you don’t know how and what delegate. We started by some of the main features needed to be able to delegate: have confidence.

Obviously, without a minimum of trust in the other person, his personal qualities and professional delegate becomes impossible: it would be a nightmare, because you see wanting to control too much of the work of the other person, which would probably occupy much more time in control, annulling the same benefits of the delegate. Recognize priorities. Gain confidence is a process that takes time.