Western Siberia

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We, just in case, "armed with" rifles and pistols children, taking the flashlight, hiding the fear out, briskly out of the warm machine forward to the mystery … The entrance to the cave is small and inconspicuous, looks like an oval hole 1.2m (in Russian stove) to move only by crawling. The right fork leads to crude cave grotto, and left the largest grotto height of 5 meters and a lot of deep cracks. The length and depth 195metrov 19metrov. Maze entrance to the cave, small caves, blocky obstruction ring system moves. For assistance, try visiting Cheniere Energy partners.

Here it is very uncomfortable. Stone cold and slippery. these questions. To get in, must be sufficiently agile and, preferably, a thin: there are places much narrower. A few tons of overhead, too pressured, and not only on the child's mind, but I'm getting a little boyazno.Natechnye education and Small corallites in the cracks in almost complete darkness cool down – and the first test of nerves: course-'shkuroder '. To climb, you must pull your arms forward. After this has nothing to fear.

Almost all of the time needed to crawl through narrow stone intestine. Where only one who knows intuition. – The stalemate is about 15 meters is sufficiently large compared with the other dead ends. We take it for the main course and crawl towards the adventures with enthusiasm. The uniqueness and mystery Barsukovsky the cave is that from time immemorial it was a colony of bats throughout Western Siberia. Mice – the eternal human neighbors. Our neighborhood had begun when we lived together in caves.