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Repair Bicycle

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Repair a bicycle. Modern bikes are quite reliable. You only have to monitor its technical condition, regularly greased. And to change the chain, cassette and chainring, which wear out. The frequency of replacement depends on the class of hitch is used on your bike and your riding style, but usually they do not have enough for one thousand kilometers. Repair a bicycle – no easy matter. Although not for everyone.

Some spend days and even nights may be happy to repair bicycles. How, for example, some masters of the bicycle shop I think you should not talk about all the wisdoms configuration switching speeds: it is easier to go to a specialist workshop, which is every self-respecting store. But there are subtleties that just can not know the rider: pull the brake to straighten 'eight', seal the wheel I note that the repair is needed universal key, which can be bought in almost every bicycle shop for about 250-300 rubles. So, in order: How to tighten the brake. At the bottom of the brake handle is curly nut, and on her wheel. In order to make the brake more elastic, it is necessary to unscrew the nut and lock a wheel, which is on it. To weaken to do this same operation, only in reverse.

But it is at an early stage. If the twist is nowhere, then find the brake pads (y wheel rim), there is mounting cable. And weaken the nut. After loosening the pull on the cable itself and tighten the screw.


El Dorado

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He is considered the color of perfection. White means safety, purity and cleanliness. Unlike the black, white usually has a positive connotation. It may represent a successful beginning. Silver: It is a sign of purity, integrity, obedience, firmness, vigilance, eloquence and maturity in heraldry, white represents faith and purity.

Indirect association, angels are often represented as images dressed in white robes. Yellow: The yellow symbolizes the sun. It represents joy, happiness, intelligence and energy. Yellow suggests the effect of warm, causes joy, stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy. It is often associated with food. In heraldry, yellow represents honor and loyalty.

In recent times the yellow is also associated with cowardice. The yellow represents intelligence, originality and joy. Orange: Orange combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics. Represents enthusiasm, happiness, attractiveness, creativity, determination, success, courage and encouragement. It is a very hot color, so it creates a feeling of heat. However, the orange color is not aggressive as red. The orange color vision occurs feeling more oxygen to the brain, producing an energizing effect and stimulate mental activity. In heraldry, orange represents the strength and endurance. Orange combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics. The reddish orange evokes desire, sexual passion, pleasure, dominance, desire for action and aggression El Dorado creates a feeling of prestige. The gold means wisdom, clarity of ideas, and wealth. Often represents high-quality gold.