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One denominates acfenos to those noises, hummings or pitidos that take place in the ear and that in many occasions those people affect of very considerable form undergo who them. In InfoAudinos.net, vestibule Web specialized in headsets, related loss of hearing and other problems as in this case the acfenos, we can find complete information about this problem as well as the possible solutions and the explanation of of which the denominated therapy of getting accustomed to the acfeno with headsets consists. Next a brief summary is on the acfenos. Tinnitus or acfenos, more known as pitidos or noise in the ears can be produced by fisioanatmicas causes or alterations in the central auditory system. In the first cases it can be produced for example by problems you will tilt in the ear and can be solved with medication for the circulation, etc. The problem is more remarkable when it is produced by the auditory system or the nervous system, causes like stress or loss of hearing can be the factors triggering factors of the acfenos.