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Teresa Ruiz Pedersen

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Signals no escape do not merit much explanation, you already knows it, because at this point I already play Fund, is against yourself and experience firsthand, the pain accept not being loved! But what’s behind the cruel truth be not loved the only answer is: you do not love if same!. Good, and I do?… It is good that I wonder! All you need to do is stop, stop, do nothing more than focus on you, when I speak of you, I mean be SELFISH with yourself, just think of you, no matter if you have children (they finally will thank you), consider rescuing yourself, because this is similar, such as when you travel on an airplane with childrenthe stewardess says, that if there is an emergency, and need oxygen, you first put the mask and the only reason is that if you die due to the lack of oxygen, who takes care of these children. Likewise when you are living a loving disappointment, don’t think anyone only in you. You have to be clear, that if has failed it is because there is something that you, is doing wrong, or is not understood, is confusing, and when you don’t know something, the only thing you need to do is to learn. So, go to any Conference, read a book, read my articles, or seek help and do not stop until you have not passed the test. Because if life is a school, you have the responsibility to approve the course… Why me I can imagine that you don’t want to repeat?