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Made In Germany: Innovative Advertising Platform King Biscuit

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Measurable success: advertisers win up to 5prozent of new customers and 500 Facebook fans per draw Mannheim, 16.05.2011. 17.6 million German users of Facebook (Status: 31 April 2011) speak for themselves. And right now you can make money with them. How, that shows the new advertising platform to the new customer acquisition King Biscuit under. “The concept of the Mannheim startups is easy, but equally awesome: themed game, fun and saying” raffled King Biscuit daily attractive prizes in the form of vouchers from advertisers. The participation is free of charge and without registration. Everyone thanks to Facebook connect these Sweepstakes can join with one click.

Each participant receives a fortune cookie saying, as well as some info about the price currently for winning on his Facebook wall. David A. Wagner may find this interesting as well. As a consolation prize”, there is a discount coupon for each participant. The chances of winning are even bigger”for our advertising partners. King has the benefits of cookie founder Suleyman Acar like this together: “for our advertising partners one is new form, to make marketing and to generate new customers with similar little losses.” Since the launch of King Biscuit mid January 2011 already over 50 Affiliate online portal took part, including various renowned companies such as Mister Spex, Pearlfection,, MyChoc, mysportbrands and many more. Each affiliate is inserted with its vouchers 24 hours exclusively on King Biscuit page.

A great advantage when compared to other sites, on which several daily sweepstakes or prize draws take place. Each participant will receive a discount voucher, he can redeem in our shop. Currently 4,000 registered users and daily 1,000 participants per draw, partner in the average win 5% of new customers, as well as 300 to 500 new Facebook fans. Another plus is the high range, because nothing makes the round as a post on the Facebook wall so quickly. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gregg Engles on most websites. The happiness-post with the logo of the advertising partner spread like wildfire and is quickly becoming the self-perpetuating. This shows also the daily increasing number of users and participants. Last but not least, advertising partners benefit from the good measurability of advertising campaigns (new customers, sales, etc.). The fees for the affiliate be calculated depending on the performance. This is defined by the number of participants, as well as the newly created Facebook fans. About King Biscuit the Mannheim startup was of Suleyman Acar and Philipp Sommer in January 2011 launched. Themed game, fun and saying connects King Biscuit intelligent and motivational fortune cookie sayings with attractive prizes. Every day there are to win prizes as well as exclusive discount vouchers with a fortune cookie saying that each participant receives. The participation is free of charge and without registration. Anyone who has a Facebook account, can cookie Facebook application about the King simply and quickly take part in the daily draws. Connected affiliate win per draw an average 5% of new customers, as well as 300 to 500 new Facebook fans. King makes to measure the success of advertising campaigns cookie.


Summa Summarum

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This system is not static but is modulated by various factors (E.g. discounts, time staggered payment, etc.). Thus, it is clear: price action impact. But: You do not faithful. Who has next to nothing to offer than rock-bottom prices and special items, which produces more than one: the loyalty to the bargain. Bargain hunters are buying nomads. You get only the favourable prices due to.

There is no this time they move quickly from thence. This explains the low customer loyalty in markets that are in the constant price war. Emotions may somewhat be more expensive In the warm light of the enthusiasm faded the price. People are even ready to attack deep in the Pocket for through good feelings: so much price pain accept and to pay a price premium. Just think of expensive watches, fast cars, your buy joy during the holiday, or the hint of anything in the laundry business.

Or think of the magnificent buildings the banks and the facilities of the executive offices on the top floor. What shows: good feelings play a major role not only in the consumer business. Just the seemingly cool management levels are playgrounds for self-centric Alpha animal dreams. There is pure emotion: privileges, status symbols, and territorial conquests speak a clear language. Just for the personality structure of elites, prestige, power and control are very rewarding motifs. Each still so tough ‘ decision is subliminally emotionally – even if the manager would vehemently deny this. Summa Summarum: The stronger the subjectively perceived desire during a purchase, we are more money pain ready to pay. Who wins the heart, has easy game with the heads and also with the money of its customers. Good feelings may cost a lot. Literature on the subject of 1 Anne M. Schuller successfully negotiate successfully BusinessVillage sell 224 pages 24.80 euros as you win people and markets 2009 / 37.90 CHF ISBN-13: 978-3-938358-95-5 2 Anne M. Schuller / Torsten Schwarz (ed.) Guide WOM marketing the new recommendation society online & offline new customers win by social media marketing, viral marketing, Association and buzz marketing BoRSE GmbH, 2010, 448 pages, 39,90 euro / CHF 51,90, ISBN: 978-3000304705, September 2010 the audiobook titled Anne M. Schuller new selling. The 25 most valuable best practices for successful selling in recent times Breuer & Wardin, 1 CD, 73 min., 19.90 euro / 29.90 CHF ISBN: 978-3939621874 all books and audiobooks of author can be ordered under: rw_e13v/main.asp? WebID = schueller3 & PageID = 122


Asset Management For Everyone? ETFs Make It Possible

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Asset management for everyone? ETFs make it possible you are the stars in the marketing departments of the money houses: passive investment products, all preceded the exchange-traded Index Fund (exchange traded funds, ETFs). They have become a real bestseller. Because they offer much of what investors desire. They are cheap, easily constructed and are transparent so at least the catchy sales arguments for these products. Granted the secret of success of the ETF, the original idea was simple and ingenious: because hardly a Fund Manager managed over time to generate a better return on its benchmark index, ETF should this benchmark standardized so one on one, depict. Advantages: The cost for such a fund tend to zero, because no highly specialised fund management is necessary.

In addition, that such a fund never worse can evolve, as the benchmark index itself. Disadvantage: A constructed such an ETF can never reach a higher return than the benchmark index. In the success secret of the ETF was this design. In contrast to an actively managed fund, the ETF could distinguish themselves quickly. Instead of 2%, only 0.25% fell running costs and often the return from the ETF was higher than that of active funds. The success put on generic and has an explosive expansion of the product universe resulted. Is not equal to ETF ETF in practice investors today are facing the problem that the ETFs now a seemingly impenetrable jungle of product occurred.

This is demonstrated by the increase of the product terms for Exchange-traded funds. In addition to ETF still ETC (Exchange traded commodities) are exchange traded products (ETPS) and exchange trade notes (ETN). The number of each products within this group is growing rapidly. In the rhythm of the week, new passive products are developed by the creative departments of the banks. The second and third generation products are long but not so simple, transparent and inexpensive as their ancestors. Let’s take for example some ETFs under the magnifying glass on the BRIC countries Put (Brazil, Russia, India, China). For the BRIC countries, there are several papers which are differently designed but all. So some ETFs, set others only on 40 companies to 50, to depict the BRIC countries. The weighting of the countries varies greatly. Brazil is weighted with 39% in other Russia with 15 to 36% in some ETFs with 18%. These differences result in some significantly different rates. Conclusion: investment with ETF makes sense nevertheless ETFs very well suited for investment from 30,000 up to 3 million euro. Even for a such assets usually eight to twelve ETFs enough useful for structuring the portfolio. Here, especially wide markets (stock indices, commodities, bonds) are covered with the passive funds. This is implemented with one time equipment or with a ETF savings plans into practice. It is, however, useful to construct an individual ETF Portfolio larger assets. Its composition and weighting should be checked every six months. Order the publication on the Internet at or by phone at 030 28 88 17 20.