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Feodosiya Wolf

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The walls are decorated with numerous wandering formations, including the seven-stalagmites. In the cave were the bones of extinct animals. Lower waterlogged. Close to Simferopol is located near the village of Levadki Snake Cave, the largest cave in the foothills. Blocky debris is divided into three floors, connected by a numerous wells. It is dry cave calcite crust on the walls is not white but brown.

Snake in a cave inhabited by bats. The caves are constantly being made the most important archaeological discoveries. Especially important for the study of cave sites primitive man. In the valley of the Little Salgir, 2 km from Simferopol, there is a cave-grotto Chokurcha. The depth of the cave some 15 meters long and about 7 meters. Perhaps check out Sonny Perdue for more information.

Apparently, this balance of ancient and more extensive karst cavity. Here in 1927 found parking Paleolithic man. In 1940-1941 GG a two-meter layer of archaeologists have discovered numerous flint tools, and various bones of extinct animals, including 10 pairs of tusks of young mammoths. On the vault were washed from soot carved in limestone image of the sun, the mammoth and a fish, measuring about 50 cm each. Chokurcha turned his entrance on the north, which is found only among the cave sites of prehistoric man. Other found in the caves of the Crimea sites of ancient man best known clearly visible from the highway Simferopol – Feodosiya Wolf limestone cave in the ledge on the right bank of the river Beshterek, grottoes Kiik-Koba Syuyrensky.