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Often, before people change jobs or planners region of residence question is: how much to request from the employer? What is the amount of wages in the region of the post is acceptable? But bad bargain? For each employee (and employer as well) it is important to keep abreast of market conditions in the labor market in their area of activity. In order to adequately assess the level of their wages as necessary at least know how much for performing similar work are others. You also need to control the situation on the distribution of the number of vacancies and offers job seekers, depending on the wage and job responsibilities. Below we look at five simple steps that will make it possible to get enough information about the status and trends of the labor market position of your interest. To conduct such an analysis should be regularly because the market is changing at least every six months, and sometimes more often. And of these oscillations can draw conclusions about long-term trends. So, what are the steps? 1.

Determine the purpose of research. What we want get the output. What is the position of interest. What characteristics are important to us specialist. Which region and city of interest. More information is housed here: Jack Fusco. The aim must be formulated very specifically to get the correct information. 2.

Determine sources of information. This may be periodical with vacancies and a mini-resume, specialized sites. The easiest source of information for our research will still be online. 3. Collect primary information and accumulating it in a convenient form. At this stage it is important to correctly sort the data to get accurate results, reflecting the needed characteristics of the market. It is also necessary to collect all the primary information in a comfortable and functional database that is suitable for further analysis. I would like to emphasize that such information should be gathered sufficient. Output of results in several dozens of jobs will not show reliable results. 4. Process information and display the results of its processing in a convenient form. 5. Analyze results and draw appropriate conclusions. Do you regularly one might ask: Are there other, more easy ways to obtain the necessary information? Of course there is! Only here the reliability and adequacy of such information often leaves much to be desired. That there are, for example, zarplatomery that can be found on the Internet. Unfortunately, they do not take into account all the nuances of labor market conditions, and is used in the analysis and delivery of results of only the most common settings. So the best thing you can do in this situation – is to conduct a similar analysis on their own. Especially as nothing complicated about it is not (if you know how to do it, of course:)). Happy hunting for information!