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Presidential Election 2009

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Sebastian Pinera has already been considered investing experience by some as a future presidential candidate of the Alliance for the Presidential elections to be held in 2009 and national renewal and considers it as its candidate investment banking for these elections.
According to Pi era in these elections does not have much competition but admits to have a great fear of popular support Cururo Don.
During the General Council of National Renewal, which took place on Saturday November 24, 2007 at the former National Congress said Pinero, emol says, private equity company “it must make a transition and identifies three types. First,” where opposition to be thinking about government. “After the transition states for the country, to” leave the past mistakes made. “and end calls to Chileans to make a personal transition.” We Funds must change the vision of the Chilean , we have to understand that there are not only rights but also duties Co-Chair of Asset Management Group LLC to perform “
The newspaper La Tercera in three surveys have shown that preferences tend to favor Pinero, in these surveys, conducted on April 28, on July 15 and September 1, has come as a future winner in presidential election (surveys Investments can Board of Directors of Capital be viewed here)
If you succeed in being elected President of Chile in the 2009 elections, said he would not have problems in organizing his administration with people of the Coalition, including them in important positions and work with them, so when asked by Ignacio Walker, Adolfo Zaldivar, Fernando Flores and Jorge Schaulsohn, responded:
To the extent that there is a convergence towards a common vision, of course. Or are we going to repeat the mistake of thinking of the conclusion that the truth was on their side and not recognize that it may also Capital’s Advisory board of accomplished business leaders be significant contributions outside their borders’ Furthermore, there is a logical reason. In recent years, the Alliance has been a minority in Chile. Under most conditions digital video recorder would agree. If we have a new majority, we must convene and host a lot of people in the past Mr. was not us. It is a matter of logic, common sense.
Among its potential rivals for the presidency in 2009 Pinera argues that it is ready to confront anyone, being the best evaluated in the polls Holdings Lagos Alvear or Insulza said that “each has its strengths and weaknesses. If one is choosing a new condo and interested in Barton Place i s located on Barton Springs Road It is not more strong. When choosing among the BartonPlace features 270 one, two and three-bedroom residences What I do know is that one of whom is I am ready to face any of them. “
The magazine “Que Pasa” in its “QPedia” of 2007 defined the 100 words from A to Z, to understand the anus: characters, phrases, trends, ideas, products and events. One of the eight words defined in the letter P Pi era was this year, referring to his future candidacy:
Pi era: Of all the presidential figures, Sebastian Pinera who has by far the most clear hint: not facing real threats in their own sector, has no serious rivals so far, according to the polls in the face consultation asset management and, furthermore, a government and a coalition worn. For a candidate under these conditions, their main enemy is almost always the same.