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Throughout the whole exercise extensor spine, hips and press firmly and constantly tense keep body and legs upright. Movement occurs only in the ankle joint, all other joints – immobile. The main purpose – the calf muscle, the development of which is precisely determines the amount of leg as a whole. Not bend your knees – it shifts the focus of the load from the calf muscle to the soleus. For variety, perform this exercise with a different formulation of the foot, keeping your heels toward each other or, conversely, outward. This "refreshing" exercise and affects the calf muscles from different angles. The higher you climb, the more muscle fibers are covered by muscular contraction.

Go down smoothly and does not at the lowest point, especially if you're working with heavy weight. Otherwise, run the risk of Achilles tendon tear. Application To: Everyone, from novice to master. When: The first exercise in the workout, dedicated to the calf muscles. After the boom in socks standing follow ups on your toes while sitting. How much: 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Sport In bodybuilding rise on your toes while standing is used to build up a lot of calves, give them a clear convex shape of an inverted heart. Flexion of the ankle – the most common move in all sports: every time you take a step, be sure to pick up the heel and padded foot pushes off the ground. Be sure to include rise on the toes of its power program.