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I just watch and listen to a tartajeante Cisneros, talking about things that neither known nor practised as balance, veracity and Center and all a series of ideas and concepts caked in a brief and hollow discursito who wrote him, a text which obviously had not read before facing the cameras and was not able to read correctly from the teleprompter; I would have liked to see the unedited version that mentioned and discussed in some forums, although I acknowledge that I didn’t see any signal that was such editing. In the increasingly decreased spacing allowed the independent, in a Venezuela that still faced media, what is the role of a TV channel? The response, which could disappoint the ends of both sides is that it must entertain, provide information and reporting news in the most balanced and objective way that is possible in very difficult circumstances. Unfortunate actions of a bad author, felt even that mess many things just name them sorry Mr. Cisneros, the evidence of his interested falsehood is overwhelming and your support at many levels the Government is more than evident; Please, do not ask for an exalted anti-Chavez channel that no contribution nothing but scandals, fears and aggressions but certainly not accept dragged and censored channel that contributes nothing to nobody to the reds or Blues as you said Venevision has tried to locate in the Democratic Centre and suffers for that reason attacks, slander and other ballistic basement of both sides and that is why is that I speak today. You ask, with Venevision who is? Well, the answer is with all Venezuela. We are located in a center of commitment, in a centre that advances a policy of balance. Television is the screen itself and not the sides of the screen in a football game, the red team adversely to the blue team on the Court.