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Strange games, or dogovornyaki in football began to take place before the era of commercialization of sports. In local tournaments, local competitions between teams of the principles of contract used often enough. The calculation could not go only money but also food. Goalkeeper spent the match very badly and deserved to receive this award. There are plenty of reasons that make dogovornyaki appear in our championships.

It is worth noting that dogovornyaki more common in the lower echelons. This trend is observed everywhere: the weaker and less well-known championship, the more increases the probability of a deal between the clubs or a separate players. Especially often used dogovornyaki team that one particular game can significantly improve their standings. The club management is ready to go to achieve the goal of almost any price. And the price is always expressed in conventional monetary units. An opponent who has decided all of its tasks for the season, quietly gives the game gets the money and without excess tension continues to play soccer or prepare for the next fight. Ways of organizing the bribery of dogovornyaki there are several. The easiest and usually most expensive – treatment directly to the leadership of the opponent.

Second and third division football clubs in financial situation is not the best, so team leaders can easily agree on dogovornyaki for money. Less expensive to be an agreement to surrender the match with a group of players or the goalie. A contract to match certain ended with the desired result, and impress the goalkeeper and defenders. Still there is an option that when teams agree to play dogovornyak as exchange points. Usually the hosts win at home in these situations. There are cases that some competitors are teams that do not participate in the game, players win over those that do not match their competitor passed.