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This wherever they are and with what mobile device they take part in the training it doesn’t matter. Training can be visited in real time or even on-demand gets to avoid schedule conflicts. All three solutions are characterized by the innovative Adobe Connect technology platform from, which is very intuitive and with highest demands in terms of ergonomics and security meets. The new version 9.1 has advanced features and is designed to increase the productivity in mobile use. Records of Adobe Connect can be converted easily into an MP4 format. So, simple streaming from the cloud is possible.

Mobile devices can now represent records in image quality, as it was usual only on PC workstations. Unlike other Web conferencing offers thanks to the Adobe Connect Integration of all key technologies from Adobe a complete all-in-one solution. This ranges from content authoring tools for e-Learning Web experience management analysis tools within the Adobe marketing cloud. Also, Adobe Connect allows mobile clients for iPhone and Android with diverse functions: rapid availability of content for scheduled short term or regular meetings as well as multi-point video conferences with unlimited Webcamstreams for realistic personal interaction. The internationally active marketing firm Tesser of San Francisco uses these new features to present his ideas and concepts around the world effectively. Adobe Connect makes more efficient and more productive our meetings,”explains account manager B. Todi. We can keep the meeting short and faster decisions.

“It also allows us to put the platform to our ideas and our design very attractive scene.” The audio conferencing from Arkadin are integrated into the platform of Adobe, a comprehensive Complete solution to offer. Participants can dial in via VoIP with a single click on an Internet connection. Alternatively, this goes over a conventional telephone line. In both cases, Arkadin provides a clear and stable audio connection, which is indispensable especially for large conferences. The combination of our software and the audio services of Arkadin creates a complete and fully integrated solution, the Web conferencing and virtual training courses also for large companies with highest allows”, explains Guillaume private, Director, Adobe Connect. We are convinced that cooperation with Arkadin and are sure that the global customer support of the company will ensure that users deploy the solution quickly, like and often.” The SaS business model as well as the globally available service and support offers of Arkadin provide companies with several advantages: training and 24/7Support to local languages, quick and easy availability and a high and rapid return on investment. About Arkadin, Arkadin was founded in 2001 and is one of the largest and fastest-growing provider of collaboration services worldwide. Arkadin’s corporate vision is based on the belief that the progress is a result of the desire of people to share information and to share. To do this, Arkadin provides a comprehensive selection of remote solutions for audio, video and Web conferencing and unified communications. Arkadin provides these services by using a SaS (software-as-a-service) model to allow a fast and scalable use his customers with a high return on investment (ROI). The company has a total of 51 branches, which serve more than 37,000 customers with their dedicated team of native support in 32 countries.