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But some believe that the weight and stretch of poi is ideal for the performance of complex tricks – such as zahlesty and throws – which can not be satisfied with a chain. Poi manufacturer. Most poekrutov, both professionals and amateurs prefer to make their own poi. The easiest option poi training – it's just a pair of socks and a pair of tennis balls. More advanced poi are made from different materials.

Ropes lightweight enough, they are easier to buy, but the chain is much stronger, and with special thanks to the rifle and not entangled in torsion. Carbines for circuits are also used for quick replacement of wicks and for removing the handles. Part of the advanced poysterov adds weighting the handle to perform various tricks such as rolls. In Internet stores can purchase a variety of wicks and sticks. Thus, the creation of their own poi is limited only by your imagination. Manufacturing wick. A necessary condition for the wick – it must absorb.

If this condition is not satisfied, then the fuse will not operate as a wick. Materials for the wick, from worse to better: 1. Cloth (towel). Pros: very easy and quickly done. Cons: chadit quickly burns through (10-15 minutes of burning). Sufficiently high temperature combustion. As the burning pieces of burning rags fall off and scatter in different directions. 2. Canvas sling. Pros: relatively easy to obtain. With additional processing wick (eg, digestion of soda, or soaking in a liquid such as 'antiogon') can be quite long.