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To date, Liverpool is one of the most successful English team has managed to win five European Cup titles and nearly 18 in the Champions League. They train in the playground, which is located at few miles from Liverpool. The history of the team began in 1892 when John Holding, decided to put his own team. Moreover, that the creator of the club had its own stadium, which was empty. The team debuted in 1893. Throughout its long history, famous for its glorious Liverpool goalkeeper. The first team won the title in 1900, stepping down in isolation from the rest of the teams by only 2 points. After all the victories of a sudden started playing recession activity, which lasted no more nor less than five years.

In 1922 the club again made itself felt victories, but until 1947 Liverpool not once did not go to the championship. The club is located approximately in the middle of the table gaming club. In 1947, the team managed to win the championship in the league. After that, the same success the club could only be achieved in 1950. Contender for this match the team played Manchester United. An interesting fact is that when gathered in the stands almost 100,000 fans, a huge figure for that time.

In 1960 the post of club manager Bill Shankly was appointed. The new coach began to lift the club out of stagnation. And it is he really succeeded. At the same time team is actively begin to gain new players. Some of them were recognized as the best players during the existence of the League. Liverpool moved to the First Division in 1962 after his stunning victory in the Second Division. 70 years were present for the club treasury. The club won first place (for the eighth time!) In the championship, and immediately after that won the uefa Cup. Prior to that, none of the English teams did not reach such results. In 1974, the current coach of the club, Bill Shankly said that going to leave the club. This was shocking news for both the leadership of the League, and for avid football fans. Many of them even threatened to organize a strike because of his departure from the team. But he could not convince. Shankly died in 1981 of a heart attack. He was replaced by Bob Paisley. His best recognized leader of the club. In the 90 years the club overtook loud failures and defeats, after which he managed to recover relatively quickly. To date, we see a strong team, which has a strong resistance and manifests the will to win any championship.