Personal Satisfaction

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The happiness and the personal satisfaction are indicating of extreme importance for the construction of the personality of the individuals. Many try to segregate these concepts, however both meet correlated. Some try to find the happiness in the extreme expense/unnecessary object purchases; however all these parafernlias are being responsible for the behavior change that occurs in the effective society. Behavior this, called egocntrismo (behavior delineated for the egoistic form as the individual becomes related with the society); this search for corporeal properties only masks all the solitude and present misfortune in these people. Already the personal satisfaction is extremely ample, therefore it opens a fan of possibilities so that it is gotten. The majority of the people assumes that the personal satisfaction is only acquired through the knowledge is information is taken root in the minds of many, the study is seen as the only form to reach the success in the life. However other people consequem to find the personal satisfaction without the study, they see the life of different form and not of that air-tight and traditional form imposed by the society. Secretary of Agriculture has similar goals. In short, the happiness alone will be reached when the individual will be well obtains same and will have the notion of that all its conquests had been important for its social construction. In this way the person will despertar a sense of reflection comiserada concerning its proper actions, sharpening the will to understand itself, and thus provoking a visualization of its existence.