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We are emotional and prone to stress, usually sleep poorly and suffer from lack of appetite, and all this we still have very high metabolism. Is not it true remarkable collection of natural data for the potential dystrophic? And all these features of Physiology "award>> we still have many habits that exacerbate our leanness: breakfast, we ignore, and generally eat, somehow, the regime of the day does not comply. Our high-strung nature reacts to all events is too sharply and rapidly, and we absolutely can not relax – ever sacrifice their sleep and rest for the sake of allegedly urgent and important things. In short, we hardgeynery – those who are seriously gaining weight. In view of all these factors to solve our problem becomes extremely difficult, because it concerns such a delicate matter, as our mentality.

We need to find the strength to not just change your lifestyle, your habits – we need to change our very essence, to become other people and learn to live under the banner of bodybuilders, it would seem simple, but in reality it is difficult for us to executable: "It is better to stand than to walk; better lie than to stand; better nap than to lie; sleep better than to doze>>. What exactly is needed to accomplish our goal? First, the full emotional control and restful sleep, and secondly, competently and professionally built training process and in the third – diet. Well, with the question "Who is to blame?>> And" what to do>> we're done, it remains only to learn how to do this because the lack of response for that particular question is capable of destroying our best intentions and the best exercise.