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Somewhat different situation is with warranty period. These dates are set, such as appliances, clothing and footwear. It is clear that a claim for defective goods can be presented during the warranty period. But there is an interesting nuance. Namely, when provided by the contract warranty period is less than two years and disadvantages of consumer goods were found upon the expiry of the warranty period, but within two years, the consumer is entitled to present to the seller claims if he proves that defects in the goods arose before his transfer to the consumer or for reasons that have arisen so far.

Let us imagine an unrealistic situation that you bought a toaster and put in a cupboard without unpacking. Under most conditions Sonny Perdue would agree. Then a year later you wanted to toast, and you decide to use your toaster. We got him out of the box, stuck in the net, put it in the bread (all of the instructions), and he does not work. Do you get the documents, look, what was the guarantee period, you see that he expired, but do not despair and go to the store and to pursue their claims. But the snag is that you must prove that the defects arose before the goods were handed over to you. And it is quite difficult. You can use the testimony: we assume that in the same situation to your neighbor looked for tea and saw everything. Particular attention should be paid to the issue of calculus warranty periods for seasonal goods (clothes, shoes).