The Train

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Moreover, the train of the life if always puts into motion in direction to the current one, now, the immediate one. It is the time happening. This is the time that we have stops modifying in them, for surpasses, to evolve; if we do not make it, the problem will be alone ours and who will pay the price for the stubbornness, will be we ourselves. It gives attention! When connecting our psychological time to the past in the attempt to modify something that already happened, then imodificvel; we take off of us the possibility to use to advantage the new we lose and it forever, since the train of the life does not stop and nor of the march reverse speed. Care! To if arresting in the passed time, we start to manage our life in function of this time and as the real time does not stop, the time of real life that we will go to leave of living will be directly proportional to the psychological time or virtual prisoner to the past.

Therefore, if to be imprisoned years to our psychological time past, trying to fix it or to give new a meaning to it; this attitude, in relation to the train of the life, will mean that years of our life had been transferred that we nor if want we take knowledge. Beyond not adjusting this past we lose years of our gift. Alert! As we only have to be able on our time psychological, for some people it is more easy to cultuar the last time of what to live the present time. They use the reason to justify attitudes, behaviors, thoughts irrationals. the past such which a vampire drinks our gift. To reflect: To live the life alone with the eyes in the past, means that we are motionless in relation to the psychological time, but in relation to the time of the train of the life, not.