Welding Process

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The gas can be introduced to the part, being in this in case that a process of welding with tubular wire of protection to the gas, or can the gas be generated from the decomposition of the ingredients contained in the flow (autoprotegido wire). Beyond the protection gas, the tubular wire can produce a slag for extra protection of the metal welded to the measure that it is cooled. This slag is removed the welding process after. 3.1? TYPES OF ASSEMBLIES FOR EACH PROCESS Welding MIG/MAG or GMAW widely are used in the manufacture of parts in steel of average small thicknesses and in structures of aluminum alloy, particularly where one high tax of operation is required. The process is adjusted for many materials and the wires of the addition metal are usable in an extensive metal gamma. Welding TIG or GTAW Can be used for almost all the metals and the process can be manual or automatic.

Welding TIG wide is used for weld with aluminum and stainless steel leagues where the integrity of the weld is of extreme importance. Also it is used for meetings of high quality in nuclear, chemical, aeronautical industries and of foods. FCAW – Welding with Tubular Wires FCAW is used to weld steel carbon, basses binds stainless in the construction of vases of pressure and tubings for the chemical, petroliferous industry and of energy generation. In the automotiva industry and of equipment weighed, it comes being used in the manufacture of parts of chassis, distinguishing axle, cambagem of wheels, components of suspension and other parts. Tubular wires with lesser dimetros come being used in the repair of chassis of automobiles. This process is also used in the welding of some nickel alloys. The method to be used depends on the type of developed electrode, of the demanded mechanical properties, the type of meeting, the type of adapter and etc. Between weldable metals base for process FCAW we can cite: Steel low carbon resistant structural Steel the atmospheric corrosion resistant Steel chromium-molybdenum the high temperatures on Steel to nickel tempering Steel Steel average carbon, treated thermally and low binds to stainless Steel Nickel alloys 4 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES 1 Available in: It emends of Senai-SP 1993? Continuous formation? Available Mig/Mag welding 2 in: Emends of the Federal University of Minas Gerais 3 Welding TIG Available in: