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State Fire Service Emergency Situations Ministry

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December 1-2, 2009 in St. Petersburg hosted a two-day seminar on “University Library in the electronic environment of knowledge management”, prepared by the Foundation for Support of Education and by “Alley of Software,” with the active participation University of St. Petersburg State Fire Service Emergency Situations Ministry. The central theme of digital libraries have become, their creation, development and support. Among the seminar participants – representatives of more than 40 libraries and Universities from all over Russia. Opened the seminar reports on his Presidential Library. BN Yeltsin, recently opened, but already had time to become the most famous electronic library of Russia. The process of creation, advantages and opportunity to tell the Deputy Director of Information Resources Zhabko Yelena.

The main feature of pride and the library is a multimedia hall, struck his audience technical equipment – video and photo materials about him in his speech showed Mikhail Eydemiller, head of design department of company “Viking” is implementing a project to design and implement hall. A wide range of technology issues highlighted by representatives of “Alley of Software” and the Foundation for Support of Education – from current trends to Library 2.0 library scanning of the array, the choice of hardware and software. Of particular interest among the audience called the most “painful” and widely debated issue really Library: how to give readers the necessary information, not breaking this copyright infringement? On the legal and ethical aspects in its report, “Copyright: break nelya, observe!” Said Deputy Director of the Fundamental Library of the Russian State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg Natela Nodarevna Kvelidze-Kuznetsova. Practical aspects of the creation of such complex information systems as digital libraries told representatives of the University of the State Fire Service Emergency Situations Ministry, TSGDB them.