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First Official Office Chair Race

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Multi function oil WD-40 sponsor of the new formula B fun, adrenaline, tension and party all promises Germany’s first official Office Chair race. Bath King cell in the Odenwald is on 26 April from 11: 00 to the fashionable metropolis of racing. Approximately 70 Office chairs and their daredevil pilots that will ensure with driving top performance that blows through the streets a whiff of Monaco are responsible. The event is based on a simple, but nevertheless ingenious concept: one that moves driving first on his Office Chair at the finish, is as first German Champion in the Office Chair race in history and therefore if not already rich, so at least famous. In addition to the fastest WINS by the way also the most creatively designed Office Chair. Where are such excellence, multi function oil WD-40 may not be missing.

This is also the reason that the national unique event as sponsor supported the WD-40 company. WD-40 is a liquid Tool of the helpers in household, hobby and around the vehicle maintenance. Bath King cell in particular the WD-40 will provide smart straw optimally prepared material. He sprays thanks to the unique construction of his spray head (the spray tube is directly integrated and can easily and be folded out) from all situations, both flat and to the point. When it arrives on April 26 on it, there is no bridge hydraulics, noisy leaning or rattling rollers with WD-40 guaranteed. Also the somewhat langsamern pilots, for which it will be enough not quite up on the winner’s podium, can be happy: so that it runs the next time they smoothly, they will each receive better training for the upcoming race a Gratisdose WD-40.

The entrance to the racing spectacle is free. Also culinary pit stops are possible along the slope. More information about the event at, as well as to the various uses for WD-40 and the straw smart under. From the space research WD-40 was created during a series of experiments at the for NASA a water displacement is being searched, which reliably should protect against corrosion. The appropriate water displacement was the 40th attempt”found and the name of WD-40. For over 50 years is this liquid tool”used in industry and technology, factories and workshops, household and hobby rooms in world’s 160 countries.


John Rawls

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public home is the sector of management of revenues and expenditures of the State and lies beyond the domestic home and the market economy. I agree with the following point mentioned in the book society should be organized in such way that generate the feeling that belongs to it in its members get. According to John Rawls of political philosophy task to elaborate a distributive justice which can be shared by all its members. This theory has several difficulties. One of them is the fact that there are groups with different ways of seeing life in pluralistic societies. How to organize the coexistence between different points of view is a problem. Quoted from the book the man you want to be happy, instead the citizen expects justice be done by society to goods as to be able to start your project happy. The following phrase seemed interesting: only a person who feels Member of a particular community, which proposes a particular life form, only who is acknowledged by the community as one of their own and takes on his identity as a member of it, may feel motivated to become involved in it.

Not enough justice to live, make lack sense and happiness found in communities. Define us the term of citizenship as: A mediator concept, since it integrates the demands for Justice and those who are members of the community by the feeling of belonging. It is clear that sociality is the capability of coexistence, but also to participate in the building of a just society, in which citizens can develop their qualities and acquire virtues. Why who surrenders to their private affairs ends up losing, not only your real citizenship, but also his humanity. We mentioned that the countries that have taken the welfare State body would have to transform a citizenry accustomed to demand in a citizenry accustomed to participate in common projects, assuming responsibilities.

A society that wish to take into account this approach, should be aware that undertakes to meet strong demands as: the guarantee that the participation of citizens in public affairs, whether political or economic, will occur in conditions that make it significant, implying radically transform society. I liked this book by the way in which the author proposes a citizenship that represents a point of Union between individual sentiente reason and the values and norms that we have as humanizadores. The author constructs a theory of citizenship can convert to the whole of humanity in a community based on solidarity.