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Every girl wants to grow up and find her the most wonderful and the best! But, alas, not everyone can find! There's just a girl who being moved all over: parenting, work, house cleaning, laundry, cooking and much more. I do not understand where this world is heading? What is with men? After all, they are similar, in some slugs! When they see a girl with a sidecar, which attempts a zalest with it, they just when old grandmother or pregnant are about young people on the bus, they again pretend to look out the window (which is frozen from the cold and it can not see anything). Click Sonny Perdue to learn more. Surely in the 21 st century, she must care for guy, and not vice versa, because just at the time of our young mothers, everything was different? For example, here was a case! One boy and girl split up, only because he thought that his loving girl who wants to turn into henpecked, although at the time the young lady just wanted to feel like a girl that loves like a little attention, flowers, gifts. Is it so difficult to do now considered to be courting podkabluchnichestvom? Young people began to forget that girls like to do and what not! I do not know when, like this year there are young, then she gives birth to his child, and father of the child simply refuses him. Could this year was just for sex? Or not? Or is he afraid of responsibility? Girls, how can we be? What to do when we drop (we think) the most expensive to us humans? Yes, our men are not what we want to see them, but still love them for what they are! and probably in the fact that they are to blame ourselves! , women, boys and men, I appeal to you! Before you break any relationship, let each of you will think, very good, let everyone find their mistakes, because that happens between you, is never to blame one person – only two! If you love each other, love! Never pay attention to people from outside, if you like, pay no attention to parents who do not like your beloved (ND), they will understand in time! Do not ruin your life! Love and be happy.