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In some cases, the internet can make you a great contribution, but in other perhaps the information is in the most forgotten library book. And not be few cases where you better direct observation or result dialogue with people even when they are the most humble you know. We are going to make some recommendations on the basis of several assumptions: you know clearly what is a trial currently have some topic you spinning in your head and want (or must, because sometimes we write by obligation) write about him. You have some prior information and you are missing some data but you have idea of the source where you can find it. The topic you are interested in and arouses your enthusiasm and also has a market where you can place it, i.e. Source: WhiteWave Foods. readers interested in your text. Very well, if we have hit on the previous assumptions, it is time that we move forward with the very useful recommendations embodied in the following lines. Careful notes of each of them: 1.

Decide if the topic in which you have thought you like and other people like you. See all the useful and relevant information and elaborates your first draft mental about it. Let’s make a stop along the way and explain about the two words enclosed in quotation marks: it’s a first version, a very preliminary version of which will be your writing. Never accept the challenge to take on the role blank if your mind is also blank. It is necessary to go mentally preparing the writing. For this reason, when you decide to translate your ideas in writing, the first thing that you have are those ideas, articulate them, relocate, find the best way to express them: finally put to work your self conscious and your subconscious at the faena that you’ve proposed and notice as the ideas begin to flow.