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The cat is a small family of the Felids animal Carnivore (although they can sometimes get to eat plants and grass), is very popular as pet and is is a great Hunter of mice. Speaking of their main characteristics, cats have the ability to hide your nails and then remove them to catch prey or climb a tree. They also have good hearing and sense of smell, they have an incredible view of night, they are very flexible and resistant. One aspect of the cats that few know is its ability to memorize and learn watching. Your night vision is much better than that of men and they can calculate distances with unimaginable precision, but day don’t see so well, cats are interested more by the movement, not the detail, i.e. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jack Fusco. if its prey stays still hides, surely will it save attack, also cats can only distinguish a small range of colors.

Cats enjoy a good audition because they generally have an ear with a special design to collect all the sound around, and additionally can rotate each ear independently to capture different sounds. The taste of cat is very sensitive to detect the taste of water, why it is essential to keep them fresh water every day, but it is possible not to take it. The language of cats is rough, she scraped the flesh from the bones and clean the fur. As explained above, one of its greatest features is having an extremely flexible body, thanks to its 230 bone and a spine more loose. And though cats are often lazy and sleepy, they possess an incredible muscles, perfect to give great leaps and sustained strings or branches, helping with the tail, which gives better balance. Despite having evolved, the cat has retained its small size and weight (8 pounds) average over the centuries…

Cats mark their territory clawing, because in this way they leave its smell with the glands located under their legs on pillows, you have to be very careful when you have one pet, since they can damage wood furniture and curtains. Whiskers are extremely sensitive and are essential for the health of the cat, because with them you can calculate distances, dodging obstacles, feel the changes to her around, and even perceive the width of a space and can determine if she is fit or not. If sever a cat whiskers, it will easily confuse and may it crash against the walls, objects or falling. Cats pregnancy lasts 65 days and usually are born 4 puppies. The kittens are born deaf, blind and very vulnerable, totally dependent on the mother, who feeds them, cleans them and cherishes. After 10 days, just open your eyes, which (no matter the breed of the cat), will be blue, but then les anger by changing color. The domestic cat has a very peculiar colour, can be chestnut, Brown, off-white and own spots to get a better camouflage. Due to the large number of genetic crosses, there are currently some 40 breeds of domestic cats around the world. Domestic cats they commonly develop viral and bacterial diseases, but are controlled by a cycle regular vaccinations.