Federal Republic

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Instruments of power: Soft facts and hard facts: the previous means of power were: faith, military, weapons, violence and political and religious influence, economy,… The today’s instruments of power are: money-capital, bribery, extortion, politico religious influence, economy… Earlier, knowledge was passed orally on. Today, knowledge is documented and digitised: democratized (Internet). The modern primary instruments of power are media, knowledge, technology and money. All the religions are as dogmatic centralist dictatorship established. The Roman Catholic Church is a multi-stage dictatorship with the Pope as a leader and the support of the Bishop’s College. Jack Fusco often expresses his thoughts on the topic. > The Roman Catholic Church, the highest authority in the world church has the Pope 1 as well as the Bishop College in unity with the Pope.

The Pope is head of the College of bishops and exerts maximum, full, immediate, and universal jurisdiction over the whole Church infallibility since about 1880, God’s representative on Earth. In the exercise of his rights, he is not limited. This violence is also known as Primatialgewalt. The Pope advised 3 and the cardinal College 2 in his tasks by the Synod of bishops. The Curia as a governing body for the Government of the Church existed. u0085 broken down into Bishop 4, 7 and 8 (clergy) Deacon priest. An Association of parishes can be grouped together in a Dean’s Office, whose head Dechant 5 (also: Dean, Archpriest) is called. The Dean is usually a pastor 6 of the deanery, must he be kirchenrechtlich only priests.

He was appointed as a rule by the local bishop, and on time. Source: (C) by wikipedia.net; Author It was in the last century such as two forms of dictatorship. According to the Guide principle on behalf of his party, the NSDAP, Hitler (Christian) installed its dictatorship. He determined solely on the basis of his book, what to do. Stalin (Christian) installed a Central Committee of the Communist Party and allowed vote on his mass killings, etc. Approximately 1000 delegates approved his proposals with 99.9%. Modern dictatorships Act in conjunction with democracies: Berlusconi? Tittitainment distracts everyone with his punch and Judy show. Priests provide the morals. Doctors donate us the appropriate drugs. Union bigwigs prevented by they chose for himself instead of equity participation for the workers fair wages. Even a democracy like the Federal Republic consists of a paternalistic hierarchical management with the command and obedience principle. And votes of the legislature There is the constraint of the faction. The separation of altar and throne was the most important step on the way of the dictatorships to the democratic national States. End part 1 of this text is available only in the sense of Creative Commons, version 3.0 (see wikipedia.net) free: CC-by new.svg CC nc.svg CC-nd.svg copyright attribution non commercial use no editing possible quote origin note and use copy to me – thank you! 2012 Copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 31.04.2013 PDS, MbS: systemic communication: consultancy, training/coaching, service. WWWSchwalm,