Juarez Being

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The conflict parked there was always the question of honor, crucial for them. for being spokesman and door-flag of this microcosm that common sense prejudiced autocondescendente only associates the traffic and violence, Heifer had to make bitter the label of ' ' sambandido' '. In ' ' Desabafo' ' , of 1996, of Juarez of the Mouth of the Weeds, Heifer cutuca ' ' the wild elite marginal' ': ' ' Its doctor alone combat the mount not combat asphalt also as to carry gun, metal ring, AR-15? , the mount does not have ship does not go up mount, doctor airport in the mount not tem' '. Exactly before this, in 1985, with ' ' Victims of the Sociedade' ' , it already had direct IDO to the point: ' ' If the bank has an assault as they cannot arrest powerful-chefo/periodicals come there soon saying that here in the mount alone deferred payment vocs thief if is in order to arrest the thief can come back for the same walks the thief is hidden there under behind the necktie and of colarinho' '. Our text, our speech, is basically denunciatory. For option ours, we continue distant of groups politicians and conchavos, because thus in we feel them freer stops to criticize to all, indistinctly. Without concessions. We also question the traditional speeches for the family, of the customs and the religion.

Who it interests these speeches? What we are making, with our writing, is the same that all thinking it makes. The thought goes being perfected, goes assuming the one form continuum. Our praxis do not allow in them to have a pessimistic attitude much less, reactionary. Our bigger virtue, of us, the utopians, is that today we know better what we also do not want and what we want. Who to want to confer if our speech comes being coherent or not throughout these years, is alone to read the units of ours pasquim, published of 2002 up to 2007, and our texts, from 2008, published in periodicals, blogs and sites.