Magic Convention

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What did people in the last twenty thousand years? Answers to this question – the darkness several thousands, but – if display something in common – we must admit that only those people involved and that the transition from the world of reality in the world conventionality. He moved down this path in the dark, slow, groping painfully hits a different kind of dry, but stubbornly tried to go all the way through. It all began when the unfortunate time when hominids in the garden Eden said the existence of time. With horror he realized that the time around him from all sides, the time – an omnipresent, incomprehensible, infinite, and unnamed. Time was a god. People disobeyed him with all his guts, he he decided to devote the mind and soul, he has since he sacrificed not only themselves, not only loved, but the whole world, all available space. A temple of God, he tried to build from scrap materials. In the desert, taiga, mountains – everywhere was selfless bother to create mechanisms that measure immediacy.

People thought that within these devices is living God himself. Hours or temples? Sand, water, fire, floral, lunye, solar, oil, mechanical, electronic, atomic Why? To tame the time to beg him immortality The first clock is not ticking. Although both were created in the image of biological organisms embedded in nature itself. Biological clocks control all the vital processes in living cells. Cage – self-sufficient, and fluctuations in its rhythmic support, while she was alive. All organisms are subject to biorhythms.

A person could easily, using mind and will, improve those hours that are given to him by nature. Do not invent something artificial, but to develop a natural. Costco spoke with conviction. But he chose the path of creating conditionalities. Biorhythms continued to work. They resisted artificial mechanisms – clock. Nature hinted, for instance, that badly would be a nap, but the clock was against it, and man had to stay awake in a brutal fight with a yawn. The first hours were silent and cumbersome. Drag them to the currently not possible. Sundial – the closest natural on principle – he was on a pervosti obelisk with the steps by which the shadow from the light first fell, then rose. These clocks have existed in Ancient Egypt. Used them only by their creators – the priests. People simply ranks listened to the clock inside the body, as well as to the nature outside – Sunrise, sunset, flooding of the Nile. Generally, the shadow – the first arrow, is measured clock probably used long before the ancient Egyptian priests. Just from primitive sundials, of course, leave no trace. But obelisks survive. Preserved and Chaldean hemispherical sundial. They measured out the Chaldean Magi movement of the constellations. After all, astrology has its hypnotic pseudo precisely in ancient Babylon. Astrology – a rich lady. That's why so much mental effort was abandoned in construction of most conventional human schemes – astrological tables to predict. And no matter how many thousands of years had passed, there are always crowds at this all wrong lady. Respect it should be only for the fact that because she was born on astronomy – a true science of space, akin hominids with humanoids. In ancient Babylon, the same vengeance ipolzovalis water clock – cylinders, of which slow water outflow. Among them was the charge of a special herald several times a day notifying citizens that the water flowed again.