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The Wartburg Castle talks: Prof. Dr. Wolfram Schuffel, former Director of the clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine of the University of Marburg, leads doctors, members of the health care and medical laymen to interactive in the Wartburg Castle conversations Meeting, where health is understood as a psychological, philosophical, and social size, i.e. bodily. (Not to be confused with Cheniere Energy partners!). The Wartburg Castle talks are continuing education in the fundamental sense of the word: people, subjects, help to build the own freedom of choice in the face of existential questions and their physical expression with them. Editor: Prof. Dr.

med. Wolfram Schuffel is a specialist in internal medicine and Psychosomatic Medicine, and psychotherapy. For many years he led the clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine at the Center for internal medicine of the University of Marburg. Most recently he has appeared the band medicine is movement and breathing, also projects-Verlag. Press contact: Ralf Lahoti media contact of ladys bending 46 35037 Marburg Tel.: 06421/69009-12 fax: 06421/69009-29 E-Mail: Web: media contact Lahoti is a communications agency specializing in publishing-PR and book-PR. Our customers come from the entire German-speaking world. We serve both the entire production a publishing house as individual titles or ranks. Our work focuses on the entire service area (food, culinary, health, vocational & career, psychology, travel), popular non-fiction, novel, fiction and poetry, books on film and media.