Marketing Proceedings

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When it was decided to organize a new business or restructuring an existing one, often the question arises: "What about corporate identity?". The simplest solution of such problems – logo design (work with the same signature style). Unfortunately, many believe that the corporate identity – a phenomenon of large companies. Corporate identity development in St. Petersburg is often perceived that way.

But without him the company is impossible to uniquely "identify" (highlight) on the market. One of the major tenets of modern Russian market says: "Differentiate or die." This title has a book by Trout – the world-famous author of Marketing Proceedings. The Russian market is a long time "ripe" for such an approach. All large Moscow company actively involved in marketing. And it was the marketing and requires a clear structured approach to building brand trying to identify the main competitive advantages, and then select profitable and keep them in mind. Brand and its perception of the visual system are the very few in influencing effects, which responds to the consumer. Consequently, the approach to building the brand must fully comply with the company, its needs and expectations of the niche market of potential buyers. Marketing can make it real.

Development of corporate identity should be based on knowledge and understanding of marketing. Visualization of the brand – it is primarily the result of competent marketers. Only with such a formulation of the problem corporate style and meet the requirements set work for the company. It helps companies establish a strong link with the consumer and the affect it. A nice touch – a 50% success rate, which is lacking in many companies.