Mercedes Inspector

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By the way, some of them at the same time trying to flirt and even (for example, while brushing away a tear and hair straightening). To impress the inspectors such scenes is difficult to control if we assume Mercedes latest model. First, if a married man – then surely something like it to periodically have to see the house, and your attempts will not cause him nothing but indifference to you and sincere human compassion – to your husband (boyfriend, dad, brother). Second, even a callow young man understands that to be led by female hysteria – the last thing, and far more sensible to wait a bit until the "storm dies down." Should not propose Inspector number of your home or mobile phone. Firstly, due to the specifics of their work, each inspector listens to a lot of these offers. Second, a traffic police officer for educational purposes may behave not a gentleman (but I will note this will be true): fixed the right vonarushenie narushitelnitsu and releasing it on his ka nalam will put it on the necessary information (address, real phone number, the coordinates of a husband or parents, etc.), then call my husband and tell him about the behavior of the dearest wife. In the absence of her husband, this information can bring to the attention of parents or to inform the workplace narushitelnitsu, etc.

If you're in a cast skill goes too far and the traffic police inspector just tired all the spectacle, he does not further ado, call up the police and will take you where you want to, thereby giving a good excuse to have sincere tears. By the way, we can do without calling attire – any traffic police officer is an employee of the police, and therefore has every right to self-sufficient but you transmit to the department to ascertain all the circum-stances. So, ladies, if you intentionally or unwittingly violate-sewn traffic rules and for this reason that you stopped by traffic police – do not do stupid things, arranging something like a bad casting actresses and awkward, and honestly admit their guilt and humanly ask the inspector does not punish you too harshly. The last – the surest way, and if penalties for the offense may be applied at a certain range (eg, a fine of 300 to 800 rubles) – inspector will surely meet you.