Northern Europe

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Introduction. Of course there is no doubt that the main thing for skaters and hockey players is their skill and experience gained as a result of many hours of training. However, one can hardly underestimate the importance of the quality of ice on which they act. Various features of the ice may be deprived of a chance of winning even the most seasoned athlete. Closed ice arenas (indoor rinks) are used for nearly 100 years of entertainment and all kinds of ice sports, including hockey, figure skating and speed skating. For all of these sports the quality of ice is of great importance. Creating a quality ice surface is not just freezing water. Technologically creation (freezing) ice rink includes about a dozen stages.

Some of them want to fill the layer thickness is less than a centimeter. Separate layer requires the application of special paints, to create a uniform and attractive tone and background of the ice and in the case of hockey, it is necessary to ensure adequate labeling of the ice arena. On the other side of the ice, which is perfect for one sport may be completely unacceptable for another. Ice Arena (ice rinks closed) Long before hockey and figure skating have become Olympic sports, ice skating was possible only in winter. In Northern Europe, winter lasts longer, and They always had a certain advantage. The question arose: How to be a country with a warm or temperate climate? Hockey and figure skating have become massive and professional sport only after the appearance of closed ice arenas that are open all year round.