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Small sampling carried out for this job, and probably for some reasons that have been exposed, and by others that eventually will have failed to detect in the framework of this study, it could be concluded that performance evaluation system serves some of the issues that chases but fails to to good account for part of the expectations of the various stakeholders of the organizations that are, ultimately, who with their individual work should achieve the ultimate goal of the organization. Some authors on the subject, such as Tom Coens and Mary Jenkins, go further and ensure that 80% of the companies make assessments of performance and, however, 90% of those that do it, and a similar percentage of those who evaluated and are evaluated are dissatisfied with this procedure regardless of the exact percentage – which could be far away from the risky by these studies – it would be naive to assume that existing systems are the panacea or close to it. There are numerous problems that undermine their primary objectives but that can certainly be minimized or mitigated. First, recognizing them and then with work. This analysis concludes that positively current performance evaluation techniques help truly valuing human capital, to diagnose its performance, build a learning that can lead to the improvement and finally to achieve the objectives pursued by the Organization but that, however, must also recognize is their unfavorable edges; motivated by some of the features mentioned in this work, that lead to convert to the system of performance evaluation in a non-functional practice that contrasts with the primary objective of optimizing the overall work of the organisations, and ends up materializing in one of the first devices with which officials adjusted their timely game variables, or sometimes in the best of casesin a mandate more to meet with superiors, transforming into a bureaucratic formality devoid of sense. Minimize some of the issues of possible contradictory impact mentioned in this work It could, perhaps, help to decrease the negative connotations of the evaluation of performance and contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives. Original author and source of the article.