Prouni Terceirizao

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Making a impartial analysis of the ProUni measure it is possible to notice that it it has more economic character of what educational, following the molds of current econmico liberalism. For 3 main facts that I go to cite. The first one of them is referring to the benefits that the ProUni brings to the government, more people with diploma of superior education, bigger approval of the population to the current government, greater hand of specialized workmanship (but of a specific type I will comment later) and believes or not reduction of costs. The cost of a student in a federal college arrives to be of times bigger of what a scholarship holder of prouni, on average. Without counting that the necessary investment, currently, to increase vacant in the federal ones is very high, then we can characterize the ProUni as terceiriao of the education, and as all terceirizao aims at a reduction in the costs. As the point is the demand of the country of specialized man power, but in a similar level to the technician, this is the current paper of the great majority of the facultieses particular of the country, and the government, perceiving this, instead of constructing facultieses in this style bet in the ProUni that is much more in account, the test of this, they are the affirmations of the proper particular institutions that allege to have more operating professors in the market and go for the side most practical of education, for who it does not know that is characteristic of the man power technique, and leaves for its state federal justinian codes/, the formation of man power highly specialized (master and doctors), therefore these facultieses already in the graduation stimulate to this; again characterizing the terceirizao of the education.

I finish it point is the advantage that prouni brings capital greater of turn of what it would bring in public institutions, therefore the particular institutions in the end searchs profit and the public ones only arcam with operational costs (professors, infrastructure, etc).Prouni also serves to mask the precariousness of the education of the public net, making with that its pupils compete between itself showing the enormous abyss, also educational does not enter the Brazilian social classrooms. We can conclude this as a classic socioeconmica measure of one ' ' country primrio' ' as Brazil always was, that it has its advantages in disadvantages. Between the advantages we have as more the notable the demand of allied necessary man power to a low cost, and as negative points we have the lack of competitiveness in the market what it generates minor quality of professionals, and the social stagnation, therefore the middle classes and high continue hegemonizando the education. The judgment of efficient the ProUni as measured goes of what each one to judge that socioeconmico growth wait of Brazil, therefore the ProUni is clearly a measure of of a country that does not search the development in mass of its technology, leaves therefore it only at the hands of the middle class and high, I number diminishing it of ' ' mentes' ' , but at the same time it guarantees man power for specialized sectors, the emergent classic. This strategy presents solids and promising indices of development economic, however still based in the Brazilian social abyss. .